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fastAMPsites is the brainchild of John Kriney the founder and president of OptFirst Internet Marketing in Miami. The idea started when Google first announced their new mobile first code, AMP. The code was complex and there were no existing fixes for business owners that didn't have the time, resources or knowledge to create a whole new mobile site using this new code. fastAMPsites is the solution to this problem. A builder that creates AMP validated websites and landing pages.

John Kriney


Adam Lakowitz

VP of Sales

Daren Camacho

VP of Tech Development

Lindsey Diffley

VP of Marketing

Benefits of AMP

  • Increases overall site speed
  • Improves average session duration
  • Improves mobile bounce rate
  • Speeds up your search ads
  • Gains in site engagement
  • Increase mobile conversion rate

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